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6-Speed 4L80E Valve Body
6-Speed 4L80E Valve Body
6-Speed 4L80E Valve Body

Part Number: VBM-XXXX

*Note:The PCS 6-Speed Valve Body is only compatible with the 1997 and newer center lube 4L80/85 transmissions. To determine if your transmission is compatible, verify the cooler lines connect to the transmission in the locations shown below.

The PCS 6-speed 4L80E valve body enables the 4L80E to operate as a 5-speed or 6-speed and provides electronically controlled engine braking.

The process of engineering the 6-speed 4L80E began by studying the fluid flow diagrams of the stock 4L80E. The PCS engineers studied every pressure, every orifice, every shift time, until a design was reached that produced factory shift quality in every gear.

When evaluating the gear ratio steps using the stock gear set and the new valve body, it becomes apparent that the step from fourth to fifth of 1.11 may not be a large enough ratio change for most applications. However, using the valve body as a 5 speed (skip the 1.11 ratio) creates more balanced gear steps and better drivability.

In situations where the gear set can be changed, PCS offers a gear set that results in optimum gear ratio steps for most 6-speed applications. This gear set is manufactured using the factory process, not a welded modification to an existing gear set. When combined with an optimized gear set, the 6-speed transmission maintains the engine in its most efficient operating range, thus improving performance and fuel efficiency. Shift quality is also improved by reducing the engine RPM drop during the shift. PCS can perform simulations using your engine data to evaluate the optimum gear set for your application.

While the engineers were studying the valve body, they also added a solenoid that enables electronically controlled engine braking. This enables modes such as tow/haul, and greatly increases the performance and driving experience when using paddle shifters to downshift.

The PCS valve body kit contains a 100% factory new valve body, not a remanufactured unit. All solenoids, plates, gaskets, and internal harness are designed and manufactured to specifications that meet or exceed factory specifications.

Stock Gear SetNew Gear Set
Gear Ratio 5-Spd Step 6-Spd Step Ratio 6-Spd Step
1 2.48 2.98
2 1.86 1.33 1.33 2.24 1.33
3 1.48 1.26 1.26 1.57 1.43
4 1.11 - 1.33 1.18 1.33
5 1.00 1.48 1.11 1.00 1.18
6 0.75 1.33 1.33 0.75 1.33
R 2.07 2.46

Part# Description Retail Price
VBM-20005/6-Speed Valve Body with Electronic Engine Braking Kit Including Solenoids, Internal Harness, Plates, and Gasket $699.00
Part# Description Retail Price
VBM-2010Valve Body with Solenoids, Plates, and Gasket; No Internal Harness $650.00
VBM-40105/6-Speed Valve Body Internal Harness $75.00

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