Our headquarters now includes an ISO 14644-1 class 6 clean room for our state-of-the-art circuit board production line. The circuit board production line incorporates both an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and a dedicated X-ray machine to verify part placement and solder flow.

PCS provides complete driveline integration services for vehicle manufacturers. PCS can assist during the entire development cycle including component design, selection, validation, production procurement, and final assembly. PCS services include, but are not limited to the items below.

Transmission Simulator and Selection
Computer simulation of vehicle and transmission performance based vehicle specific parameters including GVW, engine, and final drive ratio. Several transmission options will be evaluated and compared. Factors also considered are cost, availability (new or remanufactured), suitability for vehicle mission, and other implementation factors. For four-wheel-drive applications, the transfer case can be included in the analysis.

Engine to Transmission Interface
CAD design and analysis includes alignment, torque converter engagement, production feasibility, and costs. Custom bell housings can be designed to simplify installation and reduce production costs. PCS offers bell housings for popular engine/transmission combinations including SAE4 and SAE3 to GM 4L60/70.

Vehicle Fitment
CAD design and analysis of vehicle specific transmission mount loading capability, transmission field serviceability, driveline angle, transmission angle, maximum vehicle operation angle, driveshaft and axles, shift mechanism, cooling system, neutral safety, reverse indication, and parking brake.

Calibration, Validation and Durability Testing
Transmission calibration and validation is offered to insure the transmission is properly integrated into the vehicle. While continuously monitoring transmission load, slip, cooling, and other variables, durability testing can be performed to verify the transmission will withstand the mission for the expected life of the vehicle.

Mechanical Design
Our engineers use SolidWorks® to create your 3D design into reality. Along with our ZPrinter®450 rapid prototype machine, we also have a Milltronics VM20 CNC milling machine dedicated solely for research and design projects.

With the ability to print 3D functional prototypes in hours, our ZPrinter® 450 can save time and money when developing a new product. Prototypes can be used as functional examples for proposals, design reviews, and can also find any design errors before spending thousands on production tooling.

Circuit Schematic Design and Layout
Our engineers use Mentor Graphics PADS® to transform your idea to an electrical design. We will perform a complete electrical analysis of the system and make suggestions if improvements can be made. Our experience has taught us how to design a robust system and avoid common pitfalls.

The best circuit schematic is only as good as the layout. Careful implementation is critical at this step. Our engineers will not only consider functional and EMI factors, but also perform a thorough design for manufacturing (DFM) review to insure the board can be built using the most reliable and cost effective process.

Wire Harness Design
An often overlooked component of a system is the wire harness. A properly designed wire harness not only provides superior reliability and performance but also minimizes costs in labor to manufacture and install, weight, and other considerations to improve the overall system implementation. PCS not only provides wire harness routing, but also performs an engineering review of the harness to ensure proper wire gauge, terminals and connectors for the application.