SFT5000 - SFT-5000 Shifter
SFT-5000 Shifter
Part No.SFT5000

Suggested Retail: $439.98

The PCS SFT-5000 is a floor shifter with Tap up Tap Down for GM 6L transmissions. It is a 5 position shifter, Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive and Sport Mode. The button for Tap control is on the top of the shifter, making it easy to use in both left and right hand drive vehicles. The Tap Up Tap Down is confi gured for the hardwire input in Pin 7 of the transmission. The SFT-5000 also has the transmission brake interlock feature. The brake interlock prevents the driver from moving the shifter out of park unless the brake is depressed. There is a button to release the shifter from part manually in case the vehicle loses power. The shifter assembly comes complete with the cable and mounting brackets for GM 6L transmissions. Customers that are not using a PCS harness will need to purchase the SFT-4000 connector kit.