This information is not for the typical performance aftermarket customer.

The information on this page is targeted for the engineer or software developer who requires direct, custom access to the transmission controller. Due to the fact that the PCS transmission controller is the most versatile and robust automatic transmission controller on the market, we receive numerous requests from OEM's that are developing a new powertrain, building a prototype for proof-of-concept evaluation, or implementing our controller in a test environment which requires integration with other preexisting control subsystems. The hardware is so versatile, customers have actually used it to perform other tasks besides transmission control.

Technical Support
Technical assistance for the documents on this page cannot be obtained through our standard technical support phone number. For advanced engineering assistance, please email, and we will respond shortly. We believe this documentation to provide all the necessary information to directly access the functionality of the transmission controller. If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our engineering team.

Information provided in this documentation allows for direct access to the transmission controller and transmission. When the controller is accessed in this manner, there are no safeguards in place to prevent instant catastrophic failure of the transmission and/or vehicle. All developer information on this page is used at the customers own risk.

PCS J1939 Accelerometer with Yaw, Pitch, and Roll Module Specifications420kBNov 26, 2019
PCS EGT Proprietary CAN Messages18kBApr 26, 2018
PCS TCU Proprietary CAN Messages71kBApr 26, 2018
TCU Communication Quick Reference Guide15kBApr 26, 2018
TCU Data Stream Summary5kBApr 26, 2018
TCU Alternate Data Stream Summary3kBApr 26, 2018
TCU Checksum Calculation14kBApr 26, 2018
Send Calibration to TCU4kBApr 26, 2018
Retrieve Calibration from TCU4kBApr 26, 2018
TCU Mode Overrides8kBApr 26, 2018
TCU Manual Upshift and Downshift4kBApr 26, 2018
TCU J1939 CAN Messages58kBApr 26, 2018
TCU Sample Calibrations - See Note Below19kBApr 26, 2018

Regardless of the name of the calibration file, DO NOT USE any of the calibration files to run a transmission. Calibration files ARE NOT configured to control a transmission. The files are posted here as examples for engineers and software programmers.

CAN Message DBC Files
J1939 TCU CAN Messages34kBApr 26, 2018
PCS Accelerometer Proprietary CAN Messages28kBApr 26, 2018
PCS EGT Proprietary CAN Messages4kBApr 26, 2018
PCS TCU Proprietary CAN Messages46kBApr 26, 2018