Versatile Transmission Package Made Simple
Electronic transmissions can provide significant advantages over older hydraulic and hydrostatic transmissions, but their integration into the vehicle can initially appear complex and time consuming. After years of assisting vehicle manufacturers with designing and installing transmissions into drivelines, PCS has developed complete transmission packages that include everything needed for a well-engineered driveline solution. This simple solution allows the vehicle manufacturer to draw from PCS' expertise and focus on other vehicle aspects and manufacturing. A complete transmission solution includes much more than just a transmission and torque converter. All PCS packages include vent kit, dipstick, TCU, harness, flexplate, and more.

100% Factory New Transmission
At the core of every transmission package is a 100% factory new GM 4L70E transmission. Vehicle manufacturers select the bellhousing, valve body, and parking brake options that meet their needs.

Interchangeable Bellhousing
PCS transmission packages are available with bellhousings for common engine flywheel housings including SAE3, SAE4 and more.

Parking Brake
The optional disc parking brake mounts directly to the transmission. The caliper can be mounted in several positions providing clearance for transmission tunnels or exhaust. The cable can be configured for left hand or right hand connection to the brake caliper.

Engine Adapters
Engine adapters are available for Deutz, Kubota, Perkins, Ford, Cummins.

PCS offers a warranty for transmission packages used in validated installations. For more information regarding warranty and installation validation, please contact PCS.

Description SAE3 Bell SAE4 Bell
GM 4L70E with stock valve body TRN-7340 TRN-7440
GM 4L70E with stock valve body and parking brake TRN-7341 TRN-7441
GM 4L70E with PCS abuse protection and neutral idle valve body TRN-7345 TRN-7445
GM 4L70E with PCS abuse protection and neutral idle valve body and parking brake TRN-7346 TRN-7446
GM 4L70E with PCS abuse protection, neutral idle, and inching valve body TRN-7350 TRN-7450
GM 4L70E with PCS abuse protection, neutral idle, and inching valve body and parking brake TRN-7351 TRN-7451

C6 Replacement Packages
The C6 replacement transmission is a result of extensive development and engineering to provide a 100% new, electronic transmission bolt-in solution for C6 users.

The C6 replacement package includes a 100% factory new GM 4-speed transmission equipped with a bellhousing, torque converter, and extension housing that replicate a Ford C6 transmission. The bellhousing will mate directly where the previous C6 was installed. The torque converter was designed to include studs that match the Ford bolt pattern to allow use of the existing flexplate. The existing driveshaft can also be used as the PCS C6 4-speed has the same overall length as the Ford C6 transmission. It does not require cross member, engine adapter, or mount modification and can even utilize the existing C6 parking brake.

The package also includes a transmission controller which continuously monitors the transmission and can alert the operator if any abnormalities are detected. The transmission controller can also be programmed to customer desired shift points, gear lockouts, and any other unique operating modes.

Description Part #
GM 4-Speed with abuse protection and C6 packaging TRN-7645