Having the torque converter correctly spaced with the transmission pump is critical for optimal functionality and to prevent permanent damage during installation/operation. To adapt to a wide variety of flywheels and bellhousing combinations, PCS uses Flywheel Kits (a combination of Engine Spacers and Flywheel Adapters) to mate the 4LHD/4LHDX flexplate/torque converter with the engine's flywheel. These parts must not be swapped between different Flywheel Kits. After installation of the Flywheel Kit/flexplate to the engine and then installation of the transmission/bellhousing to the engine, it is necessary to verify the "Torque Converter Pull Out" which can be measured by the distance between the torque converter pad and the flexplate. This measurement only works if the torque converter has been gently pushed into the transmission pump as far as possible, which should already be the case for proper installation. If the torque converter is removed from the transmission/pump for any reason, reinsertion of the torque convert must be done gently and precisely. There are two tabs in the transmission pump assembly, which must be correctly aligned and integrated with the corresponding slots on the torque converter pilot. If this is not done properly, permanent damage to the transmission will result when the engine/transmission are assembled.

PART# "A" - 4LHD 258mm "B" - 4LHDX 300mm FLYWHEEL BOLT PITCH BOLT, DIM "B" mm
TRN8205 83.4 94.4 FORD DSG M8x1.25 12.3
TRN8222 53.8 64.8 SAE10 SEE NOTE SEE NOTE
TRN8216 51.9 62.9 SAE10 3/8-16" 9.5
TRN8224 39.4 50.4 SAE10 SEE NOTE SEE NOTE
TRN8310 36.9 47.9 SAE10 3/8-24" 22.4
TRN8217 36.8 47.8 SAE10 3/8-16" 7.2
TRN8218 30.4 41.4 SAE7.5 5/16-18 15.9
TRN8220 28.5 39.5 SAE7.5 5/16-18" 12.7
TRN8219 12.9 23.9 SAE10 M10x1.25 12.3
TRN8215 12.2 23.2 BBS M10x1.25 15.6
TRN8221 10.4 21.4 SAE10 SEE NOTE SEE NOTE
TRN8223 3.8 14.8 BBS M10x1.25 15.0
TRN8200 1.5 12.5 SAE10 M10x1.50 12.3
*NOTE: Before ordering any of the kits above, it is critical to check both the distance between the flywheel and flywheel housing mating faces as well as the bolt threads and depths. Some kits do not include flywheel mating hardware to avoid this confusion. Hardware available separately.