Gauges, Alerts, and More
As vehicles become more complex and customer driver panel requirements increase, what was once a few analog gauges quickly becomes a complicated and expensive panel of wires, gauges, buzzers, and more. With the PCS dash, the panel can be reduced to only four wires; power, ground, and CAN. The panel can be programmed for virtually unlimited gauges, warnings, and output functions. Two display sizes as shown above are available.

A flashing indicator on the dash does alert the driver that there is a problem, but there is not much information a single light can convey to the operator. With the PCS dash panel, trouble codes are indicated to the operator in text, with a clear description. If the driver needs more information about the fault such as causes, or troubleshooting information, the operator can select the diagnostic screen for assistance.

Control Outputs
The dash has virtually unlimited flexibility when it comes to the menu structure. There are 4 soft-keys that can be configured to meet the user's needs. Button functionality could include on/off switches for lights, pumps, etc. Custom programming can also be performed to enable or disable certain menus based on vehicle status. One example could be to only allow the pump screen to be accessible when the vehicle was stopped and in neutral.

Essential for a Global Solution
The PCS dash can be programmed in multiple languages so the messages and gauges (text labels and units) can be user selectable to match the region of the world the vehicle is located in.

J1939 Compatible
The dash panel can use proprietary CAN or J1939 messaging.

Custom Splash Screen
The dash panel can be programmed with a custom splash screen and logo for a more integrated appearance with the vehicle.