The TCM-2650 is designed for situations where a standalone transmission controller cannot control the transmission directly. Newer transmissions, including the GM 6L80, contain the factory transmission control module inside the valve body. These mechatronic valve body designs make it nearly impossible to directly control the transmission solenoids with a standalone transmission controller. It is also very difficult to remove the transmission and controller from the factory powertrain since all of the transmission parameters are received from other vehicle modules including the engine controller, body control module, etc. The PCS TCM-2650 is an all-in-one solution that will allow the transmission and factory controller to be installed in any vehicle with any engine combination and maintain a fully functional transmission. The TCM-2650 can also be programmed with 2 additional calibrations, each including shift tables and torque converter lockup table.

The TCM-2650 is compatible with the GM 6L45/50, 6L80/90, 6T30/40/45, 6T70/75, Allison 1000 (5 and 6 speeds), the 2nd generation ZF 6HP and the Volkswagen DSG.